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A bit about me

    As a busy father of three, business owner and athlete myself I fully understand the constraints training can have on life and life can have on training. The experience I have juggling the above means we can devise a plan that works around work, family and life whilst on a clear route to achieving your goals. 


    I’m a coached athlete myself and my coaches input towards my goals is invaluable as it keeps me accountable in my training and on track to be in the best shape I can on race day. 


    I have competed in many cycling TT’s, Run races of various distances and Triathlon events including sprint, Olympic and middle distance triathlon. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the different aspects of training and racing which I always look forward to sharing. I’m a current member of the GBR Age Group Middle Distance Squad and an active certified British Triathlon coach at Hoddesdon Triathlon Club based in Hertfordshire. 


    Since I took up triathlon it has become an absolute passion of mine. I have always enjoyed helping others and the experience I have gained in running my own business has given me valuable skills in mentoring and coaching people. Since getting involved in the sport I have taken a deep dive into the world of sports physiology and psychology which really intrigues me. Taking up coaching in the sport I am most passionate about was a no brainier for me. Working with like minded athletes and helping them on their journey to reach their goals, no matter how lofty really excites me. 


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