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Performance Testing 

With our partners over at The Carter & George Practice we are able to offer our athletes a range of performance testing including Metabolic Testing, Gait Analysis & Injury Screening. As a member of the Grit Endurance Team you will have access to exclusive pricing on the below services and more that the practice have to offer. 

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Metabolic Testing

PNOE Metabolic Testing, one of the most advanced and effective biometric labs previously only accessible to professional and elite athletes. This testing system is the very highest standard of health assessments and data-driven physiology.


Gait Analysis

Determine your unique foot biomechanics while walking, running, and standing still thanks to Footscan, our precise, effective, and comprehensive gait analysis tool.

Leg Injury

Injury Screening

Injury screening and prehabilitation service aims to reduce the risk of injury by addressing areas of weakness, lack of flexibility, imbalances, training patterns or altered functional movement.


Find out more about our 121 Triathlon Coaching, Running Coaching, Triathlon Training Plans & Running Training Plans.

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