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Who We Are

We are Triathlon and Running coaching team dedicated to help you achieve your goals in all distances of Triathlon and Running Races.  We offer fully bespoke training plans to help you maximise the use of the very limited time us Age Groupers have to train. We don't believe in a one size fits all approach and we are dedicated to finding what works for you as an athlete to get the best results. ​As a busy father of three, business owner and athlete myself I fully understand the constraints training can have on life and life can have on training. The experience I have juggling the above means we can devise a plan that works around work, family and life whilst on a clear route to achieving your goals.  


We have different packages available to suit all athletes demands. Whether it be a goal of completing your first event or qualifying for your age group team in your chosen discipline we can help.  We use a science backed, data driven approach to training. We also know the limitations of the data that we gather during training and racing to avoid getting too wrapped up in the numbers over the human aspect.


We will also be looking to run some spring training camps in 2024 either UK based or in Europe where the team can all get together and spend a week in an environment where we can nail some good quality training and educate our athletes with knowledge they can carry on through there training and racing. 


What is grit?


[grit] - noun


"the drive, stamina & fortitude to push through any challenge or obstacle until success is achieved"

Want to speak to us about coaching?

If you would like to speak to us about 1-2-1 coaching, custom training plans or any of the other services we offer please don't hesitate to use the contact form on this page. We aim to get back to everyone within 24 hours. Alternatively drop us an email on the address below.

If you are enquiring about being coached, it would be great if you could include a few details in the message so we can start to get an idea of where you a currently at. 

  • How much experience do you have of endurance sports or any of the three disciplines of triathlon?

  • What are your goals. Do you have a goal race in mind?

  • Are you looking to improve a specific discipline (Swim/bike/run)? are you new to triathlon?

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